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Naked little children

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Related post: Date: Sat, 05 Jan 2002 02:07:46 +0000 From: Logan Rollins Subject: Harry Potter and the Quidditch CaptainTo all my fans (and to my surprise, there are a few of you) I little teen starlets apologize for the little willie delay, but the holidays and work took up a lot of my time, so I didn't get to work on this as much little vergin as I wanted. Plus, they take little girls ******** some time since I try to make them a little better than the average slash fiction. wet little I'll leave you readers to be the judge at whether or not I succeed. Of course, all character and place names are copyright by Scholastic Books, J.K. fuck littlegirls pictures Rowling, and probably Warner Bros., and are used here without permission, obviously. As always, if you enjoyed the story, let me lola little angel know, and let me know where you want things to go. This story is a direct result of the requests little nudest thumbs of people who read the first story. As usual, if you are offended or shouldn't be reading stories where underage boys have sex, then stop now and go little estate agent do something else. To the rest of you, I hope you enjoy it. Let me know. My email is HARRY POTTER AND THE QUIDDITCH CAPTAIN "Congratulations, Harry, you did it again," Fred Weasley said as he got ready to leave the locker room. The Gryffindor team had just won their latest match against Hufflepuff, Harry again pulling a miracle grab of the Snitch from the girl little nude grasp of the Hufflepuff seeker. The resulting celebration and congratulations had anal little kept Harry on the field, receiving pats on the back until well after the game had ended. The result was to make him the last one into the locker room to shower. "Thanks loads, Fred," Harry said. "You played a great game, too." Fred little hairless girls blushed. "See you in the dorm," he said, waving as he left. Harry slipped littlest incest off his robe, shoes, and underwear, throwing them all into his locker. "Securum," he said, and heard the bolt click on his locker. He didn't really need to lock up his clothes, but he little preeteen nud enjoyed practicing his magic. As he walked toward the showers, his hand little japanese schoolgirl ran lightly over his boy wand as he remembered the wonderful thing Ron had showed him. Almost immediately it stood out teeny little nudes and Harry shivered as his fingers touched the sack beneath. Perhaps he would get a little stick practice while he was showering. Drawing closer littlest pussy photos to the showers, he heard the rush of spraying water and knew someone else was in the shower. Harry looked at little girl slut his little nude russian turgid wand. It wouldn't do at all for someone else to see him like hot little breasts this, foto little boy unless it was Ron, and xxx little boys Ron didn't play Quidditch. Frowning, Harry pointed his finger between his legs and said, "Deflateamus." His tiny boyhood shriveled, turning short and floppy. horny little kids Satisfied, Harry walked into the shower room. And little boys pissing his heart almost stopped. Standing under a downpour or water, his eyes closed, hands running through little porno his brown hair, was Oliver Wood. Harry's breath caught in his throat little sweet porn as he looked at the third year student's body. The Quiddich captain almost never showered down here little incest hardcore and this was the first time Harry had ever seen the older boy imgboard girl little naked. He was almost perfection as near as Harry could see, from his tan skin, sharp nose, and dark brown hair, to his tight stomach and firm legs. little nudism teen little pussi teen Harry's eyes little loita girls fell on Oliver's wand little non nud and he was surprised to see a small little upskirts patch of curly brown hair nestled above it. They hadn't taught anything about this sort of thing at Hogwart's. Embarrassed, Harry thought to turn and leave, but before he little hentai tgp could, Oliver's eyes opened. fuck of littles "Oh, hello Harry," he said, spotting the boy. "Here to take little naked sister a littles insest 14 late shower?" "Y-yes," Harry stammered, porn little free surprised at himself. little cute teen Why was he acting like this? It was every little thing only Oliver, but Harry thought it might be more. It was Oliver in the nude, and Harry found, to his astonishment, that he rather enjoyed dirty little secert seeing the Quidditch captain like this. He feared that his wand might betray him, despite the earlier spell, as even now the area surrounding it tingled. "Well, come little girl ornament on in, I victoriah nichole little don't mind. I littlegirl thumbs usually like to shower by myself, but sometimes I enjoy other company." "Thanks," Harry said, stepping further into little ped the shower. He stopped at the showerhead furthest from the captain and took off his glasses. "Oh, come off it, Harry. If you stand down there, I'll have to yell at you. Come to this one." Oliver pointed at the nozzle next to his. Harry hesitated only a moment before walking down and standing next to Oliver. "That's better," the Quiddich captain said, smiling. Harry smiled back. "Aqua sprayus," he said, and the water turned on, pelting him little puss with little miss porn a warm spray. It felt marvelous after the tough and sweaty game, and for a moment Harry forgot everything as he enjoyed the pounding shower. "You played a great non nude little game today, Harry," Oliver said little childs porno after a minute or so. "Thanks," Harry said, beaming. "You were great yourself." "You're a very cute lad, did you know that?" Harry looked up at the older boy, surprised. He had been called many things by the other boys, but never photos little tits cute. little sister hentai "Thanks." "That's an interesting scar you have little kim nude on your little chica wink, there. I thought it was only on your forehead." "No," Harry said, blushing and pleased that Oliver would look that closely at his body. He felt the stirring and his wand came to half-life. He turned so that his rear faced modls little Oliver and tried to will his wand back down. "Do you know why I usually like to come down here by myself?" "No. Why?" "Because I like to play my little girls ddoggprn own game down here." "What game is that?" Harry asked, but he little lollita fuck thought he already knew, because he looked over his shoulder and saw that Oliver's wand, beneath its furry patch, had begun to grow. In almost no time , it stood straight out, five inches long and as thick as the end of Harry's Nimbus 2000. The pink head throbbed and Harry felt his own wand spring to full stance, hot and hard. Oliver took Harry's shoulder and turned pics little sucker littles ilegal nude him so they little sister incest faced each other. He smiled. "I see you know this nude little girl game, too," little cunts pics he said as he took his wand in hand and began to stroke. "Yeah, Ro...really only recently." Oliver smiled wider. "So little boys bath Ron showed you, did he? I'll bet he learned it from Fred and George. I like this game, but there's little drummer girl another that's even better that you can do when there's two people. Want to try it?" "Sure," Harry said. He trusted Oliver, and if the were even half as pleasant as the one Ron showed him, it would be wonderful. "Okay, step out of the shower spray and close your eyes." Harry did, leaning again the warm tiles. "So, wha-" He stopped as he felt something warm and wet around his wand. He opened little sahara his eyes and found tit little pussy Oliver on his little asian teen knees, his mouth engulfing Harry's little girls xxx magic tool. horny little sister He started to protest, but as the older boy's head began bobbing, his tongue flickering over Harry's shaft, all thoughts of complaint disappeared. Harry laid his head against the shower wall little nudism as Oliver worked his own magic, his mouth playing over Harry's pulsing little angles fucked rod. Ron's game was fun, Harry thought, but this one was exquisite, almost too much to bear. Under Oliver's expert mouth and tongue, Harry didn't last long. After only a minute, arrows of pleasure shot up his spine, straight to his head and back down, as his daddies little whore wand throbbed and nubile little girls jumped, rushing waves of ecstasy hitting him. He moaned as the magic raced through him, a thousand times better than what his own hand could do. His hips bucked, slamming between the shower tiles and Oliver's face. Another moan escaped him as the second wave hit, and he had to grab the older boy's head to keep from falling as his knees became wobbly. The pleasure subsided far too soon, and Oliver pulled away. dirty little secrets "Did you like that?" he asked. Smiling, Harry could only nod. "Great, will you do it for me, then?" "Of course," Harry little nud pics said. "But I may not be as good as you." "You'll get the hang of it. little pantherinfo It's easier than riding little girl games a Quidditch broom." They traded places, Oliver against the wall, Harry on his knees. He looked at Oliver's wand, staring at him with its one eye, so big and imposing. He wasn't sure his mouth would fit around it, but he would give it a try. He wanted so much to return the wonderful feelings to his captain. Putting his hand around the wand's base, he opened his mouth wide and put it over the head. He closed down and felt the spongy hardness of it on his tongue and lips. little angel naked It seemed nice, and little dirty preeteen Harry thought it might nude little people be as good to give this sort of magic as it was to receive it. He started moving back and forth slowly, taking in more and more of the silky, clean tasting wand as he went, until he soon had it hitting the back of his throat. At first little african girl he almost little cuties fotos choked, but he relaxed, much like he did when riding incest little kiddy his Nimbus, and he soon found it easy to take in all of Oliver's wand, right down to the tickly hairs that grew above little nudeboy pics the captain's pole. It was easier than riding a broom. As Harry grew more confident, he began moving faster and little girl bras little girls imgboard faster, applying pressure with his tongue. He felt his own wand grow rigid again as he enjoyed the feeling of the Quidditch captain's rod in his mouth. He moved faster, Oliver's loud grunts attesting to Harry's sweet little tgp success at this new game. Harry felt Oliver's body suddenly stiffen. "Pull off, Harry," Oliver said, his voice husky, and Harry took his mouth away, afraid he had done something wrong. Oliver reached down, wrapping one hand around his wand and putting the other on fisting little girls Harry's head to steady himself. He stroked his rod three times and let out an enormous moan. Harry watched in amazement as Oliver's wand fired a thick stream of white liquid, which struck Harry's chest with a sexo little forceful splat. Mesmerized, Harry saw bolt after bolt of this magic juice naked little children squirt from Oliver's quivering red wand head, each shot punctuated by a deep moan from the older boy. It ran down Harry's chest, some of it dribbling on to his pointing boy baton. After what must have been ten squirts, the flow of magic slowed to a trickle, a thin stream hanging from the end of Oliver's hole. Oliver looked down at Harry with little nicky quotes a great grin. "That was wonderful, Harry. You're a natural, just like your broom riding." "What is this?" Harry asked, rubbing at the goo on his little tiny girl chest. "It's magic Jizz Juice," Oliver answered. "It's what makes babies, and it feels totally outstanding tiny little gallery when it comes out. You'll do it some day, when you're a little older. I had you pull off so it wouldn't scare you, but next time I hope you'll keep your mouth on there and take it. That is, if you want there to be a little april sex next time." "Absolutely," Harry answered. He looked down hot little tits at his own pulsing stick, the pressure to again feel that little preeten girls wonderful release foremost in his mind. "In fact, next time could be right now if you want." "Wicked," another voice suddenly spoke up. Harry and Oliver turned to see a naked, red headed Ron Weasley staring at them, his own boyish wand looking at them when its unwinking eye. "But I want to be a part of it this time." "How long boy porn little have you been standing there?" Harry asked, embarrassed. "Long enough little red porn to know that I want you to that to me," Ron said. "I will if you'll do if for me." Harry said. "This will be fun," Oliver said, "but I've got an idea. Other people might start showing up, since it's getting close to dinnertime. Let's go to a place where I little boys pix know we can all be alone, and I'll show girl little photos you even better games. There's something that's even more fun to ride than a broomstick." "Great," Harry said. "Totally wicked," Ron little loita galleries agreed. "Then get dressed and follow me," Oliver said.TO BE CONTINUED
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